Data Retention Policy

Chevron Recruitment Agency maintains records in line with our Privacy Policy and those of the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure that our business runs efficiently and in order to comply with statutory requirements.


To ensure that all records are kept in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Extra care is taken with “sensitive personal data” (e.g. information captured in the Diversity Monitoring Form, CVs and our Customer Relationship Management system. We are not required and do not retain the original of any documents: copies are stored electronically (if stored electronically they are not alterable). On occasion we may require to view the original document which we will scan to our system once verified and all copies of original documents are returned to you and our paper copy securely destroyed. Where the document contains a photograph of the individual, we also confirm that the document provided is a true likeness to the individual.

Any records that are no longer required are destroyed securely.

Personnel Records

Candidate records including application form/CV, ID checks terms of engagement (see below also, details of assignments, opt notices and interview notes for unsuccessful candidates

·      1 year from the last date of supply or introduction to any client (Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (Conduct Regulations)

Hirer records including client details, terms of business (see below also), assignment/ vacancy details

·      1 year from the last date of supply or introduction to any client (Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (Conduct Regulations))

Terms of Engagement with temporary worker and Terms of Business with clients

·      6 years in order to deal with any civil action in the form of contractual claim (Limitation Act 1980). Although retention for Scotland is 5 years in Scotland we retain for 6 years

Working time records:

·      48 hour opt out notice

·      Annual leave records

·      2 years from the time they were created

·      2 years following the introduction to a client OR 2 years after engagement has ended, whichever is the later (Under the DPA records are only to be kept as long as necessary however the Conduct Regulations require references to be kept for 1 year)

·      Records held relating to right to work in the UK 2 years after employment or engagement has ended

Criminal record checks

·      6 months following the introduction to a client OR 2 years after engagement has ended, whichever is later

National Minimum Wage Documentation:

·      Total pay by the worker and the hours worked by the worker

·      Overtime/ shift premium;

·      Any deduction or payment of accommodation;

·      Any absences e.g. rest breaks, sick leave, holiday;

·      Any travel or training during working hours and its length;

·      Total number of hours in pay reference period – this sets the averaging period to calculate whether a worker has been paid

·      NMW e.g. workers paid weekly have a pay reference period of one week
7 years after the end of the pay reference period following the one that the records cover (National Minimum Wage Act 1998)

·      (We must retain them for 5 years in Scotland, and 6 years for the rest of the UK, in order to show that we have paid at least national minimum wage rates if a civil claim is brought against us)

Sickness records – statutory sick pay
7 years

Statutory maternity, paternity, adoption pay
7 years from the end of the tax year to which it relates

Pension auto-enrolment
7 years (including for opt out notices)

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